Susan Burdett may have met Malcolm Rewa before her killing, court hears

Malcolm Rewa's trial has heard how the murder accused visited the warehouse where Susan Burdett worked, before her death.

It is the third time Rewa has been on trial, accused of Ms Burdett's 1992 killing.

One of Ms Burdett's former colleagues described how a friend visited him at the warehouse on one occasion and he brought a mate, Rewa.

He says the victim and accused met briefly.

Another of Ms Burdett's former colleagues described how she was in charge of the office and oversaw people going in and out of the warehouse.

Source: 1 NEWS

Another said she was the "sort of person who would make it her business" to know who was coming or going from the warehouse.

The trial at the High Court at Auckland continues.

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    Details of today’s testimony could be disturbing to some viewers. Source: 1 NEWS