Study reports almost 40% of Kiwis don't get enough sleep

A recent Auckland University study has found that 37 per cent of New Zealanders get less than the recommended amount of sleep each night.

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A new study shows almost 40 per cent of kiwis aren't getting enough and that's a worry because good sleep is fundamental for good health. Source: 1 NEWS

A lack of sleep can cause a loss of happiness and confidence and increase the likelihood of depression.

Sleep expert, Dr Alex Bartle, says keeping the bedroom cool and dark is key for falling asleep.

"With children it's more difficult, particularly with daylight saving, I often suggest after they've had a bath or shower they actually have a nice cool place to be that's dark - close the curtains when they come out of the shower," he says.

Dr Bartle says the ideal temperature for falling asleep is between 16 to 18 degrees, two to four degrees cooler than the average lounge. 

He also suggests waking kids and teenagers up slightly earlier in the week before they head back to school will help them to get to sleep better once they start back.

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