Steven Joyce confident he's different to Key and English - 'I have a reputation for getting things done'

National's fifth contender for the party's leadership, Steven Joyce, says his passion for New Zealand is what spurred him to put his name forward. 

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Speaking to media today, Mr Joyce said he believes he has a "strong vision for New Zealand's future".

"We've seen what is possible over the last few years. I think we can do better again.

Steven Joyce's announcement means there are now five candidates for the soon-to-be vacant position of National Party leader. Source: 1 NEWS

"I have the experience and the skills to not only lead the National Party but to have the contest of ideas with the current government."

The former Finance Minister is the fifth National MP to put their name forward for the party's top job. The other contenders include Judith Collins, Amy Adams, Simon Bridges and Mark Mitchell.

The former Finance Minister is the fifth candidate to throw their hat in the ring. Source: Breakfast

When asked by media today if he followed too many men with economic backgrounds, Mr Joyce said, "I think I'm a little bit broader than that". 

"I have a reputation for getting things done."

He said his initiatives last budget for low income families "are an indication actually I'm a little bit different and bring my own style". 

He said: "A whole lot of people from around the country" asked him to run for leader, "and also here in parliament". 

However he would not disclose any names.

Mr Joyce said what drove him to stand was his "passion" for New Zealand. 

He’s the fifth contender to put his name forward for National’s top position. Source: 1 NEWS