SPCA 'actively investigating' case of severely emaciated, malnourished Dunedin dog

The SPCA is investigating the case of a severely emaciated and malnourished dog rescued in Dunedin.

Ludo is being cared for at the SPCA Dunedin Centre. Source: 1 NEWS

The dog, named Ludo, was found by an Animal Control Officer after a report to Dunedin City Council about a wandering dog.

Concerned for his wellbeing and the “horrific” condition he was in, Ludo was immediately taken to the SPCA, the society said today.

One-year-old Ludo has already made "massive improvements" after a few days in the SPCA Dunedin Centre’s care, it said.

The SPCA team is "actively investigating" Ludo’s case, the society said.

“I was completely shocked when I saw Ludo. My little hand could fit around his whole backside to hold his hipbones,” SPCA inspector Sophia Tinirau said.

Ludo received immediate veterinary treatment at the SPCA centre.

The SPCA team has been slowly introducing a proper and regular diet into Ludo’s routine, and monitoring his progress and weight gain. 

On top of the "immense" weight loss he suffered, Ludo also requires specialist entropian eye surgery, the society said.

It said Ludo will be in SPCA’s care for a few more weeks - at least until he is fully recovered and ready to be rehomed.

Ms Tinirau says Ludo’s transformation in just a few days has been incredible to witness.

“This is the most rewarding part of my job. Seeing animals like Ludo go from nervous and emaciated, to happy and healthy individuals, really coming into their own personalities."