'Something's clearly going on here in terms of this idea of a youth quake' – Corin Dann on huge new Colmar Brunton poll




1 NEWS' Political Editor Corin Dann says the fight for leadership is "pretty neck and neck" with a clear "youth quake" having an effect following the release of the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll. 

Both have made small gains in this week's poll, with Labour's lead over National remaining at four points.
Source: 1 NEWS

Labour has maintained its four point lead over National tonight's poll, the same margin as a similar poll taken last week.

It's a good result for Labour, after backtracking on their tax policy earlier today, following a week-long hammering from National.

Our latest poll shows Labour and Greens could form the next government, and the importance of the youth vote.
Source: 1 NEWS

Labour jumped one point higher to 44 per cent, while National climbed one point from last week's poll to 40 per cent. 

Alongside Labour, the big winner from this poll is the Greens, up two points to seven per cent. On tonight's numbers, Labour and the Greens could govern alone.

Would-be king or queen maker Winston Peters (New Zealand First) is down three points in tonight's poll to six per cent, while TOP is steady at two per cent and the Maori Party is down one point to one percent.

The poll was conducted from Saturday September 9 (last Saturday) to Wednesday September 13 (yesterday).

Political Editor Corin Dann says the three most recent Colmar Brunton polls have been "pretty steady."

"But we do know that there are other polls that have National ahead," Mr Dann said.

"So if you take a bit of an average you are going to get something pretty neck and neck and I  think that is certainly what the politicians feel, that we are in that neck and neck environment."

Talking about tonight's results, Mr Dann said there is  "something clearly going on here in terms of this idea of a youth quake."

"According to Colmar Brunton, 67 per cent of 18-34 are voting or intending to vote Labour in this poll.

"That is a massive youth quake but are they going to vote - are they going to enroll and are we going to get that turn out?"

Jacinda Ardern, on 34 per cent, still leads in the preferred prime minister stakes by two points from Bill English, with both major party leaders up one point on last week.

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