Some Kiwis ignoring social distancing rules outdoors as Covid-19 lockdown continues

Across the country, Kiwis have taken up the opportunity to get outdoors for some fresh air on the second day of the nationwide lockdown.

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Popular spots around the country are filled with almost the usual amount of foot traffic. Source: 1 NEWS

However, while people are encouraged to take walks near their house, there’s some concern some people are not adhering to the rules.

“I find there's two types of people at the moment: there's the types of people like ‘stay away’, and then there's the types of people who are actually being more friendly,” one man on Auckland's Tamaki Drive said.

Authorities have stressed over recent days for people to keep at least two metres apart from others not in their “bubble”.

However, there is still some confusion over how far people can take their “bubble” away from home.

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Who can and can’t you come into contact with during the coronavirus shutdown. Source: Seven Sharp

Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management director Sarah Stuart Black said while travelling short distances is allowed, there are concerns around people requiring help after getting into trouble.

“If that means you can go for a walk by walking outside the front door, great. If you need to drive a short distance to get somewhere, that's fine too,” Ms Stuart Black said.

“The challenge we have is when people might drive themselves to a place that if they get into trouble, someone else will have to come to help them which exposes more risks.”

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The Microbiologist spoke to 1 NEWS after the Government announced the country would enter lockdown in 48 hours. Source: 1 NEWS

The risk lies not just around getting in trouble, authorities say, but being aware of the pitfalls when you're out, such as touching contaminated surfaces, which can linger for up to 72 hours.

Strict rules are also in place for people walking their dogs, with dog walkers encouraged not to let their pets interact.

“Definitely keeping my distance between myself and other people and their dogs but I do feel sorry for them being on the lead the whole time, but you've got to do what you've got to do,” a dog walker said.

People enjoying the outdoors have reminded others not to ruin it for everyone else.

“I think if people observe the rules, stay at home and exercise carefully, I think we'll retain that but I hope that we don't stuff that up,” an elderly couple said.