Simon Bridges taunts Greens MPs about arrival of centrist sustainable party

Opposition leader Simon Bridges taunted the Green Party’s MPs about their political future today with the arrival of the new Vernon Tava-led centrist sustainable party.

Mr Bridges took aim at the majority of Ministers as Parliament returned for 2019, but he lingered on the Greens.

“I haven’t agreed with him often, but Russel - with one 'L' - Norman [former Greens co-leader] wrote an incredibly good article the other day, and what did he say? That the Honourable Nathan Guy was a good Fisheries Minister and that bloke over there [current Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash] is not doing anything.

"Let’s run through the points he [Mr Norman] was making: cameras on fishing vessels scrapped, Marama Davidson - I think that’s because she’s too concerned about the c-word and not concerned about the seafood," he said in reference to the Greens co-leader’s campaign to reclaim the c-word.

"Look at her, she’s pretending she’s not listening.”

Mr Bridges went on criticise the Government, and particularly the Greens, about scrapping an inquiry into the fishing industry and for dishing out “piffling fines” for dumping fish waste.

“I say to the Green Party, what is the point of that Green Party over there?” he asked.

“Oh, they don’t like that, cause at 5 per cent he knows Vernon Tava’s coming for him,” he continued as the Greens jeered him.

Mr Tava, a former Greens Party member, has made the initial moves in creating an alternative to the Greens which could go into coalition with either Labour or National.

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    The Opposition leader cheekily reminded James Shaw about the new Vernon Tava-led party. Source: 1 NEWS

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