Simon Bridges distributes piles of flyers with his name spelled wrong

National candidate Simon Bridges isn't feeling too red-faced after handing out piles of flyers that had his name spelled wrong.

National candidate Simon Bridges holding a pile of flyers with his name spelled wrong. Source: Supplied

The flyers were inviting Tauranga locals, where Bridges is the local MP, to various street corner meetings on the weekend.

But instead of the invite coming from Simon Bridges, they came from "Simon Brigdes".

Bridges is shrugging off the blunder, saying they'll get it right next time.

"Grassroots politics isn't always perfect but it is always real," he told 1 NEWS today.

"My volunteers and I didn't get my name spelling right but I have a feeling people knew what name we intended."

Despite the naming error, Bridges says he saw a "reasonable gathering" at each of the street corner meetings.

"I really enjoy them. They're a brilliant way to connect with the local communities that make up the city of Tauranga and find out what is important to them."

Bridges is campaigning to retain his Tauranga seat this year, up against Labour's Jan Tinetti, NZ First's Erika Harvey, Green Party's Josh Cole, ACT Party's Cameron Luxton, The Opportunities Party's Andrew Caie, New Conservative's Paul Hignett, The Outdoors Party's Tracy Livingston, Advance NZ's Daniel Crosa and independents James Capamagian and Yvette Lamare.