Should you warm up your car’s engine before driving off on a cold winter’s morning?

Should you warm up your car's engine before driving off on a cold winter's morning?

Seven Sharp’s Mike Thorpe looks into the automotive issue. Source: Seven Sharp

It turns out the idea that you should, isn't true according to an automotive expert.

"You don't need to warm your car up anymore because the new modern day components are made very hard and they're made to run from cold up to operating temperature very quickly and they're good to go right from key start," says Peter Sauer from Ara Institute of Canterbury.

The idea that cars need to be warmed to perform comes from an age of older cars.

"They had different metal in them - they needed longer warm up periods, they had old chokes and that sort of thing, carburetors, again didn't drive very well when cold now we've got modern fuel injection, don't need that anymore, Mr Sauer says.

So tomorrow when you get into your car on a cold June day - start her up and go.