Report says young people smoking less but adults need easier access to e-cigarettes

A report by a Kiwi thinktank has found that while the uptake of tobacco smoking in young people has declined considerably, there are still few ways for adults to kick the habit.

Janesa Jeram of The New Zealand Initiative says a new report shows adults still lack multiple means of quitting smoking. Source: Breakfast

Janesa Jeram of The New Zealand Initiative, speaking this morning to TVNZ 1's Breakfast programme, said the government's announcement last week that they would legalise tobacco alternative products like nicotine-bearing vape liquids was encouraging.

"Nicotine by itself is not an overly harmful substance, say on par with coffee," Ms Jeram said.

Quitline CEO Andrew Slater says 'vaping' is an effective tool for quitting smoking Source: Breakfast

"I think [non-combustion products] are a better alternative to cigarettes.

"Up until very recently there's been a regulatory grey area."

Her report suggested that while young people in New Zealand are steering away from smoking cigarettes, the number of avenues available to adults who wish to quit smoking is not on par with other countries.

Ms Jeram said New Zealand's target of becoming smoke-free by 2025 would be much more within grasp when non-combustion products were fully legalised.

The NZ Initiative’s members include British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, and Philip Morris (NZ).

Ms Jeram says all of the Initiative’s reports are independent and she "can give 100 per cent assurance the final report is independent".