Record data use as Kiwis stream Commonwealth Games action

New Zealand has seen new records for data use this week due to people watching the Commonwealth Games on their phones and laptops.

The highest ever usage on the Chorus network was recorded on the night of the Opening Ceremony, with a peak of 1.599 Terabits per second.

The company says that's the equivalent of about 270,000 HD video streams being watched simultaneously.

That has continued through the first week of action, with overall daily usage 20 per cent higher than usual - about an extra 500,000GB of data per day.

TVNZ has been broadcasting the Games on TV and online.

Chorus Network Strategy Manager Kurt Rodgers says he is not surprised with the increase as streaming is becoming more popular.

He adds: "You can also have more than one live stream playing, which is obviously very handy when multiple events are on at the same time."

TVNZ says that from the Opening Ceremony and across the first seven days of competition, 1.3 million live streams were recorded, with a total of almost 30 million viewing minutes.

"This is a massive change in behaviour from how people watched the Glasgow Games," says TVNZ Director of Marketing Jonathan Symons.

Chorus says it expects data use to keep on growing.

The Kiwi blitzed the competition to take home the top prize at Carrara Stadium.
Source: TVNZ | Commonwealth Games