Raw video: The shocking moment an empty body bag goes flying out of an Auckland hearse

An Auckland driver has been shocked to see a body bag fall out of a hearse and roll through a busy intersection. 

NZ Herald reported the driver at first thought there was a body inside the bag, however Davis Funerals managing director Craig Little said it was empty at the time.

Dashcam footage shows the hearse turning around a corner, closely followed by the body bag wheeling across the intersection. The hearse driver stops quickly and is seen hurrying to return the bag to safety.

"We have a vinyl square pillow to lay people's head and at the foot-end of that stretcher there is a metal bar that can look like people's feet," Mr Little told the Herald. 

He thought the driver failed to close the boot properly. 

The incident happened yesterday between Sandringham Rd and Balmoral Rd near Mount Albert. 

The driver who filmed the incident, who did not want to be named, said he was "a bit shocked" to see the bag "flying through the intersection".