Raw video: Angry cyclist punches van driver in the middle of Auckland traffic




A cyclist has been caught on video punching a man through the window of his van in Auckland this morning.

The violent scenes took place in Pakuranga around 8:15am according to the NZ Herald.

Video of the incident shows a cyclist involved in a verbal altercation with a man in a white van on the corner of Ti Rakau Drive and Pakuranga Rd.

Surrounded by traffic the cyclist then throws a wild punch through the open window of the van hitting the driver before the driver then swings back hitting the cyclist.

The cyclist then backs off and angrily punches the van's side mirror before cycling away.

The person who filmed the incident told the NZ Herald the cyclist was the one in the wrong.

"He was riding up the middle of the traffic when he should have been keeping to the left, he's not meant to be in the middle of the road," the man said.

Police told 1 NEWS they were alerted to the incident by the caller this morning and recommended they make a formal complaint.

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