Queenstown's newest tourist attraction will take visitors back in time

New Zealand’s adventure capital's newest attraction is set to take its visitors on a trip back in time.

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An underground aquarium has been converted into a virtual time machine. Source: 1 NEWS

Developers have converted an old underground aquarium into a virtual time machine named Timetripper, telling the story of how New Zealand and in particular Queenstown came to be.

With fossils millions of years old being found in the Otago region, it won’t be too far-fetched to tell that story.

Ian Taylor and his animation team are the ones behind it, transforming history into a brand new video experience.

"I had this idea about the dinosaurs that were being found in the South Island and basically thought, what if we built a time machine. Take people back and show them dinosaurs,” says Mr Taylor.

Animation Research Limited, lead by Mr Taylor, have helped create the virtual time machine beneath the lakeside jetty in the town's underwater observatory.

The new attraction will service around three million visitors who make their way to Queenstown each year.

Māori history, the formation of Lake Wakatipu and some unusual creatures, are all part of the new attraction bringing a different kind of thrill to the tourist hot spot.