Popular Auckland maunga Takarunga, Mount Victoria, to become vehicle free

A popular landmark on Auckland's North Shore will become vehicle free from next month.

Work is starting this week to make Devonport landmark Takarunga /Mount Victoria a vehicle-free space by March 1.

A plan to ban cars from Auckland’s Mount Eden is drawing mixed reactions. Source: 1 NEWS

Tupuna Maunga o Tamaki Authority are permanently closing the summit road to all private cars and motorbikes. 

People with limited mobility will still be able to access the mountain by vehicle.

In a statement the authority says: "To Mana Whenua, the tihi of a maunga holds great spiritual and cultural significance and has always been a place to be treated with respect and reverence."

"Honouring these values alongside creating an enhanced experience for pedestrians is at the heart of the Authority's decision to make the tihi of Auckland's maunga vehicle-free spaces."

Mt Victoria is the second maunga to become vehicle-free, after Maungawhau / Mt Eden in 2016.

The maunga are culturally and archaeologically significant sites.

Storm clouds over Auckland (file picture).
Source: 1 NEWS