Police Minister Stuart Nash shrouded in fog as he tests cannon for burglary prevention

New Zealand's Minister of Police received a face full of fog today, while testing new cannons that are aiming to deter offenders from targeting dairies. 

Stuart Nash announced last week there would be more financial support for high risk businesses, after spates of armed robberies plague dairies around the country. 

The government is offering subsidised fog cannons to high risk businesses. Source: 1 NEWS

The new changes mean businesses will pay up to $250 for fog cannons, after only three cannons were installed by last November. 

It comes after a new $1.8 million fund for security systems including ultra-sonic sirens, fog cannons and DNA spray was launched by police to help prevent aggravated robberies in dairies and liquor stores last September. 

Police say 54 eligible and high-risk businesses tentatively signed on for the co-funded prevention measures such as ultra sonic sirens, fog cannons and DNA spray in 2017. 

Location and whether stores have been robbed before are a couple of the factors that determine a businesses eligibility for co-funding.

The Minister of Police has announced the fog cannon subsidy will be lifted so more businesses can afford it. Source: 1 NEWS