Police issue warning after young men film themselves hanging from Auckland skyscraper scaffolding

Two Auckland young men were filmed dangerously hanging from a skyscraper in the city, prompting a warning from police.

The stunt, which was two months ago, was posted to Instagram yesterday by one of the men involved, who didn't want his real name used but goes by the Instagram handle @codyf_24_.

The 23-year-old said he felt like he and his mate, who is also 23, didn't do anything wrong.

"We are just thrillseekers," told 1 NEWS.

"We do stunts all the time. This is probably the first of this magnitude.

"It's a high. You're not scared when you're up there. It's quite a unique feeling and afterwards. It's a feeling I would compare to runner's high.

"I didn't feel it was wrong as such. We are aware it is highly risky, we train for it and we don't damage or vandalise any property."

He said 2020 had been "a crazy year" and had "fueled my need for doing such risky activities".

"I think 2020 has been hard for everyone. Personally, I hit a new low this year and then got kicked while I was down and that has really motivated me in all aspects of my character."

He hasn't been contacted by police yet.

This morning, a spokesman for police told 1 NEWS they were alerted to the video by media.

"We have checked with area staff who are not aware of receiving any reports in relation to this. However, police warn that anyone carrying out this activity is not only putting their own lives and others at risk but also risk getting arrested," the spokesman said.

"We are not immediately aware of any other incidents but ask that if anyone sees any suspicious activity such as this to contact police immediately at the time so we can respond accordingly.

"Anyone found being unlawfully on a property risks being arrested and may also be trespassed."