'People genuinely seem relaxed and happy' - Gloriavale series producer says life inside the community very different to what people think

The producer of a popular TV series on the Gloriavale Christian community says, despite common opinion, the people there are "genuinely happy".

Amanda Evans, speaking this morning to TVNZ 1's Breakfast, said she was aware of the allegations of sexual misconduct, ostracisation and forced marriages, but that she had only every seen a positive side during her three all-access visits.

"I think the rest of the media in New Zealand are doing a very fine job of putting the black hat on Gloriavale, and I understand those allegations and I follow those reports and I read them - I'm giving a view of how the community feel from their perspective," Ms Evans said.

1 NEWS has obtained a copy of the religious community's joining pledge, that has been labelled a human rights breach. Source: 1 NEWS

"When you are inside the community and you are there, life continues on pretty much as normal - they don't take a lot of notice of what's going on outside ... life has evolved with their own particular set of rules and their own particular agenda.

"I haven't interviewed every single woman in the community, but I have to say, and it's disarmingly so - people genuinely seem relaxed and happy."

Ms Evans said she has been given an access-all-areas pass to Gloriavale during her visits, and that "I can't generate dark, unhappy stories if I genuinely don't find them there."

Lilia Tarawa is the granddaughter of Hopeful Christian, who runs the West Coast sect. Source: Sunday

The latest mini-series on Gloriavale will return to screens this month - Gloriavale: The Return.

The series will revisit Dove Love and Paul and Pearl, who played large parts in TVNZ's previous series, Gloriavale – A World Apart, Gloriavale – Life and Death and Gloriavale – A Woman's Place.

Lilia Tarawa has undergone a transformation after leaving the Gloriavale Christian Community, and is speaking out about female repression within the church. Source: Sunday

It will be available on TVNZ Ondemand.

Amanda Evans has visited the reclusive Christian community three times and says she simply doesn’t see the dark realities the media enjoys repeating. Source: Breakfast