'Pathological liars' - Privacy Commissioner lashes out at Facebook over Christchurch live stream

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards has called out Facebook as a company of "pathological liars" who "cannot be trusted" following the live stream of the Christchurch terrorist attacks on the social media platform.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards Source: 1 NEWS

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last week spoke out for the first time since the attacks, acknowledging that had there been a delay in the live stream of the attacks it "might" have limited the number of views the video received.

But, he added in the interview with US programme Good Morning America, a delay would fundamentally break what live streaming is.

"You're not just broadcasting, you're communicating and people are commenting back," he told US ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos.

Mr Edwards yesterday took to twitter to voice his concerns following Mr Zuckerberg's interview.

"Allow the live streaming of suicides, rapes, and murders, continue to host and publish the mosque attack video, allow advertisers to target 'Jew haters' and other hateful market segments, and refuse to accept any responsibility for any content or harm. They #DontGiveAZuck," he wrote.

He also tweeted a quote from Mr Zuckerberg in the interview: "One of the things that this flagged for me, overall, was the extent to which bad actors are going to try to get around our systems." Mr Edwards then clapped back at Facebook for not having those systems in the first place.