'The outside was the best bit' - David Seymour eats cake depicting himself, baked by Laura Daniel

Jacinda Ardern has had her turn in the cakelight - now ACT party leader David Seymour has his chance. 

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It is the ACT Party leader’s turn to get a grilling from the Seven Sharp reporter. Source: Seven Sharp

Earlier this year Seven Sharp reporter Laura Daniel tried her hand at baking a cake that looked like the Prime Minister.

Her gloriously messy depiction of Ardern made headlines around the world.

Now, with the 2020 election looming, she’s heading back to the kitchen to create every leader in cake form.

Daniel presented Seymour with the cake, giving the politician a bit of a laugh. 

Not so impressed with the way it looked, Seymour hoped the inside would be better.

But, much to his dismay that wasn't the case. 

"Oh f**k, the outside was the best bit!" 

Watch the full Seven Sharp video above to see the big David Seymour cake reveal