Online auctions in NZ: How to sell your house without the paperwork or the hefty fees

An enterprising Kiwi couple decided there must be a better way to buy and sell property in New Zealand without going through real estate agents, not long after Proppy was born.

Proppy is an online platform and app for people to buy and sell property with a flat commission fee.

Hannah and Tyson Walker came up with the idea after struggling to buy a house at auction two years ago.

"I was down in the auction rooms with lots of people and lots of pressure and I went into labour.

"My husband was like, there's got to be a better way to do this. It was very stressful at the time," Ms Walker told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

From this Proppy was born and a new way of buying and selling houses, where buyers can make an offer online and avoid agents running back and forth with forms to be signed late at night.

Auctions are online too, so no more neighbours checking out the size of your windfall.

So what does the Real Estate industry make of the newcomers to the property game?

"You may save money on your commission, but at the other end you might not get the best price for your property.

"So it might end up being a significant amount you get if you use an agent," REINZ Chief Executive Bindi Norwell says.

Seven Sharp meets a couple who’ve moved house buying entirely online. Source: Seven Sharp

Missing Piha surfer gives the cops a call to say he's all good - and they can call off the search

A surfer who was thought missing after not returning to shore at Auckland's Piha beach last night is actually safe and well.

A call was made by a person at Piha beach last night at 7.20pm who had seen the surfer head into the water but did not see them come back in.

However, after seeing the media reports this morning, the surfer informed police that he actually exited the water around 6pm last night - before last night's search had even begun.

A large police search was undertaken last night involving the The Eagle helicopter and was due to be resumed this morning, before the surfer's phone call.

Aerial view of Piha Beach in winter time. Auckland / New Zealand
Aerial view of Piha Beach on Auckland's West Coast. Source:


'Where was the heads up?' - Aucklanders startled and angry as exclusive club's 9.30pm fireworks display lights up harbour

A fireworks display widely seen and heard in Auckland last night was part of a private event held by one of the city's most prestigious clubs - and not everyone is happy.

The display took place on the waterfront for about five minutes just after 9.30pm, and was organised by Savor Group - owners of the Seafarers Club and Ostro.

A notice was issued on the Auckland Transport website's Harbourmaster section, warning mariners to avoid the area.

The fireworks were large and loud and were heard across Auckland, as far away as Waiheke Island, with some unhappy with the display taking place.

"I’m happy you guys have something to celebrate, but 9:30pm on a Wednesday night is a bit rough if you’re going to let off 108db fireworks in the middle of a city where there are children, pets and, if you visit Twitter, a whole bunch of confused adults," wrote one person on the Seafarers Club Instagram post.

"Perhaps at the very least pick a weekend evening next time?"

Another person messaged 1 NEWS, asking "desperately want to know why there were massive fireworks in the AKL Viaduct at 9:30pm setting off car alarms and sending dogs including my own into a frenzy?!"

One person Tweeted about the noise level, saying "I’m quite a long way from central Auckland, and I thought that was my neighbours setting off fireworks ... the noise level in the CBD must have been notable."

Others asked why more notice wasn't given to pet owners: "Where was the heads up on the fireworks #Auckland? Every pet owner in the city is about to be pissed at someone ... just extracted cat from behind top of curtain."

A fireworks display on Auckland Harbour.
A fireworks display on Auckland Harbour. Source: 1 NEWS