Old El Paso's tortilla maker addresses tearing issues after customer complaints

Changes are on the way for a brand of tortilla wraps that have been ripping to pieces when consumers take them out of the packet.

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Fair Go also has some insights into the difference between wraps, burritos and tortilla because they’re not all created equal. Source: Fair Go

A Hamilton family contacted Fair Go over the matter and explained how Old El Paso’s tortillas have been “stuck together, like there's a layer of glue holding them together”.

Andrea Campbell says even with some “careful prying”, she’s ended up with “great big holes” in her wraps.

It's not a one-off rogue packet - Campbell says it's become the norm rather than the exception.

But switching brands isn't an option, for a reason lots of parents will understand, as her daughter Sorcha is a “fussy eater”.

“Beyond that, she doesn't like the flavours of the other brands,” she explained.

Campbell complained to Old El Paso about the holey issue and the company apologised and offered to send a voucher.

She says she’s not worried about a refund, she’d just like “a bit of consistency in the product”.

Fair Go took her concerns to Old El Paso and its parent company, General Mills, acknowledged the problem.

"We're aware of this situation in New Zealand and we are sorry that consumers have experienced this issue with the tortillas”.

General Mills explained that it had made a “bold decision to create a better-tasting tortilla, with fewer additives and free of any preservatives" but that change in recipe meant greater sensitivity to factors such as warm temperatures and transport disruptions.

The company says it’s taking action, including “improving recipes, adjusting manufacturing practices and changing package sizes to help reduce tearing”.

Kiwi consumers can expect to see improvements in the coming months.