NZTA releases interactive map to help Auckland motorists avoid Anniversary Weekend traffic

The NZ Transport Agency has released an interactive map to help Auckland motorists plan ahead to avoid Anniversary Weekend traffic.

NZTA's journey planner. Source: Supplied

It comes as people heading out of the city on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning will likely face heavy traffic.

NZTA also warns that drivers returning from their holiday on Monday may be caught up in traffic woes.

To try and combat this, the agency has made an interactive holiday journeys map for the long weekend, which shows predicted traffic flow based on previous years’ travel patterns.

“This tool is great because it can help people decide whether to take an alternative route or hit the road when traffic flows are lighter, either early in the morning or later in the day,” says the agency’s Auckland operations manager, Rua Pani.

“Because predicted peak times can change based on incidents, weather or even driver behaviour, motorists should also check our journey planner just before they head off, which provides traffic information and updates on delays, road works and road closures in real time.”

Click here to use NZTA's interactive journey planner.