NZ should follow Western Australia's euthanasia moves, David Seymour argues

As Western Australia moves a step closer to legalising voluntary assisted dying, ACT party leader David Seymour says New Zealand should follow in its neighbour's footsteps. 

The ACT Party MP’s euthanasia bill has gone further than similar legislation in NZ history, but it is not law yet.
Source: 1 NEWS

"It shows that if MPs are exposed to the international evidence on assisted dying they come out in favour of legislative change," Mr Seymour said. 

Mr Seymour's bill on legalising euthanasia in New Zealand is currently in select committee stage, after passing its first reading. 

WA politicians announced plans to introduce a bill there after an inquiry found voluntary euthanasia should be possible for people experiencing grievous and irremediable suffering from a progressive terminal, chronic or neurodegenerative condition.

"The Western Australian Government has announced plans to introduce assisted dying legislation to Parliament in 2019 after a cross-party parliamentary committee considered international and domestic evidence and released an over 600-page report on assisted dying," Mr Seymour said.

"Yet again our friends around the world have shown us that it’s possible to design perfectly safe assisted dying laws."

Mr Seymour's proposed law change is far from guaranteed to pass. Among the vocal critics has been former prime minister Sir Bill English.

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