NZ Palestinians to hold rally over Trump's plan to move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

New Zealand's Palestinian community will hold a rally tomorrow over US president Donald Trump's plan to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The march, organised by the NZ Palestine Solidarity Network, will see protesters march from Aotea Square to the US consulate on Auckland's Queen Street at 2pm on Saturday.

It comes after the US recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Source: 1 NEWS

The rally is being supported by Auckland's Palestine community, Kia Ora Gaza, as well as Palestine Human Rights Campaign and Global Peace&Justice.

NZ Palestine Solidarity Network spokesperson Janfrie Wakim says, "Donald Trump's announcement to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem is a catastrophic provocation which will have worldwide ramifications."

"Fortunately his announcement has found no support from US allies and we hope the New Zealand government will condemn it too," they said.

The Israel Institue of New Zealand has welcomed Washington's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.