'Not just about poo' - Wellington woman plumber encouraging females to join industry

While there is no doubt there are plenty more men in the field, but there's also a whole lot of young women out there who love plumbing. 

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Nikita Ward, 25, is in the fifth year of a plumbing apprenticeship. Source: Seven Sharp

Nikita Ward is a 25-year-old plumbing and gas fitting apprentice who is one of three female gas fitters and plumbers at Hutt Gas and Plumbing. 

"A few people get a bit of a shock and they're like, 'aye? a girl plumbing?'"

She is in her fifth year on the tools, crawling under houses and squeezing in to small spaces, working hard to get the job done. 

Ms Ward loves her job, and when it comes to the guys on site she says she gives them one hell of a run for their money. 

She loves the variety of work available as a trade apprentice. 

"It's not just about poo. You can be doing multiple different things, like gas fitting is actually involved in plumbing." 

She's encouraging other girls to pick up the tools and join in the plumbing industry, saying it's a job that can work for many different lifestyles.

"Ladies you change nappies. It's not much different in plumbing," she says.