New Zealand beauty brand partners up with social media queen Khloé Kardashian

A Kiwi wellness company has just announced a partnership with Khloé Kardashian.

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The company behind Dose & Co Collagen is hoping to break into the lucrative US wellness market, and it has a powerful ally on board. Source: 1 NEWS

Libby Matthews started Dose & Co in New Zealand a year ago.

The company makes collagen powder, in an industry that's worth $5 billion a year globally.

Now, the company has Kardashian star power – with her 120 million Instagram followers - promoting its range.

“Thousands of brands reach out to them every single month, so it’s insane that we're working with her,” Matthews told 1 NEWS.

Kardashian released a statement endorsing the product after buying into the brand.

“Libby gave birth to her daughter around the same time I gave birth to True and we both found collagen to be hugely helpful in the stages of post-pregnancy.

“Libby and I bonded over this journey and I loved how she was on a mission to make premium collagen accessible to more young mothers like us.”

Social marketing expert Jess Moloney says getting Kardashian’s endorsement will be a huge boost.

“Having a Kiwi company backed by such an international superstar and professional woman, it’s such a great win for the country.”