New app warns users if they're in a building that's not earthquake safe

A new app tells users when they're in a building that isn’t up to earthquake safety standards.

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Have you ever wondered if your workplace is up to scratch? Source: 1 NEWS

The EQProne app will even send out a notification if you pass a building on the street that isn’t up to standard.

EQProne app founder Steve McLauchlan said it’s not unusual to find a building without a notice warning it's not earthquake safe. 

Mr McLauchlan said it’s not just in Wellington it’s all over the country.

"There's 2,865 buildings, and only 360-odd buildings have got notices, so there's massive risk to people."

The data is taken from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's earthquake prone building register, but it's accessible while on the move. 

"I just would like to stress that it doesn't mean you're in imminent danger if you are near an earthquake prone building.. it's only if there's a significant earthquake and fortunately they're quite rare in this country," said Iona Pannett from Wellington City Council.

The council admits not all buildings are following the rules and displaying the correct notifications, but they will soon have to.

'We will be checking up on owners to make sure they have done that but it is the owners responsibility so people are aware," said Ms Pannett.