New $15 million Auckland rescue chopper to give paramedics an edge in life and death situations

Thousands of Kiwis have forked out money to buy Auckland a new rescue helicopter with a $15 million price tag.

The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust's new chopper has state of the art avionics to match those in an AirBus A320.

The Augusta Westland 169 can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h and features "glass screens rather than the conventional gauges", Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust's James Tayler said.

One of the helicopter's biggest improvements compared to their current BK 117s, Mr Tayler said, is more work space for the medical personnel.

It has the ability to load patients from the side rather than the rear by sliding them in with a plinth system.

To see the new chopper watch the video above.

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The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust’s new chopper’s avionics matches those in an AirBus A320. Source: Seven Sharp

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