'The natural home for talent' - National Party would welcome Christopher Luxon

National would welcome outgoing Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon with open arms, but the party do not have a "clear sense" of his intentions. 

Leader Simon Bridges said Mr Luxon "signalled he's got an interest in politics, we know if he does do it, National would be the place he would go".

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Christopher Luxon talks to TVNZ1’s Breakfast about his departure from the airline and what’s next. Source: Breakfast

Mr Luxon yesterday announced he will resign from the airline on September 25, and would not rule out a shift into politics. 

"Chris has had a distinguished career, he's a good guy," Mr Bridges said. "National sees itself as the natural home for talent."

Mr Bridges said as his former position of Transport Minister meant he knows Mr Luxon "pretty well". 

"As the most popular party there's a lot of interest, and possibly, maybe there's some interest from him too. Politics is another kettle of fish but he's got a real interest in that."

"We don't have a clear sense of what he is going to do."

On if he would make a good leader, Mr Bridges said, "he's a good guy, we'll see how it goes". 

"I'm the leader, I'm going into the election and I'm looking forward to that, let's see what our talented team looks like in the 2020 election."

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"He's a good guy," National Party leader Simon Bridges said. Source: 1 NEWS

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