MP responds to National leader after he called her 'f*****g useless' in secret recording

MP Maureen Pugh has responded after a recording released by rogue MP Jami-Lee Ross contained National leader Simon Bridges calling her "f*****g useless"

"It was really disappointing to hear, but when you put it in the context of the whole conversation that that recording was part of, it was clearly baited," Ms Pugh said. 

Ms Pugh is the National Party candidate for West-Coast Tasman. 

"There was a deliberate move to manipulate the conversation. We've been looking now at the context of over the past few years and the kind of manipulation that's been going on. We're pleased to see the back of Jami-Lee Ross," she told 1 NEWS this morning. 

"We've just got to move on from here."

Ms Pugh tweeted last night, "I probably have annoyed Simon at times because I’m a fierce advocate for West Coast/Tasman". 

She said the recording was brought to her by a colleague.

"I then went into Simon's office where he apologised, really sincerely. At the end of the day, when you leave this place all you've got is your reputation and your dignity and I want to leave with that intact.

"My reputation has always been to be a fierce supporter and advocate for the Coast. I will never back down on that. And if it annoys people along the way, too bad."

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    The National politician, supported by fellow MP Matt King, spoke with 1 NEWS about the controversy. Source: 1 NEWS

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