'Most unsafe I've ever felt' - Three more women come forward today about home intrusions in Upper Hutt

An Upper Hutt mother says she "can’t sleep" after her daughter’s property was intruded by an unknown man in the early hours of this morning.

Left image shows Stef Francis’ door the intruder went through. Right image shows Rachel Te Tau’s door after home burglary. Source: Supplied

"My daughter was putting her baby to sleep around 12.30am and she heard her dogs barking, so she went to her bedroom window to tell them to be quiet and saw a man dressed in black outside," she told 1 NEWS.

The woman, who asked not to be identified by name, said the incident occurred in the Elderslea area, which is in a two-kilometre radius to similar incidents reported by 1 NEWS yesterday.

Two Upper Hutt women left feeling 'violated, shaken' after intruder enters homes

Another woman in Elderslea, Stef Francis said she’s looking to relocate after an unknown man broke into her home on January 6.

“We heard this noise from the backyard, so my partner went to check and he found a man wearing a grey hoodie in our laundry,” Francis said.

“The man was startled and said oh s*** before he ran away and jumped the fence,” she said.

The 25-year-old says she’s been on edge and paranoid ever since the incident.

“Last night, I checked that the door was locked five times,” she said.

Three days after and less than two kilometres away, another woman said she arrived home to find her personal belongings had been stolen.

“My lingerie bag, Bluetooth speakers, golden hoop earrings and web cam were all stolen,” Rachel Te Tau said.

Te Tau, 27, said she’s now installing security cameras as a form of protection.

“This is the most unsafe I’ve ever felt, and it’s happening all around Trentham and Wallaceville,” she said.

An Upper Hutt Community Patrol team spokesperson said they are increasing street patrols in light of these incidents.

Upper Hutt Mayor Wayne Guppy said he’s concerned as this area of the city is “generally safe.”

“One incident is one too many,” Guppy said.

Police said investigations are ongoing into the two incidents reported by 1 NEWS yesterday.

They are reminding those in the community to remain vigilant.