'The most marvellous person' - Locals in Jim Anderton's former electorate pay tribute to the late Deputy PM

Residents living in the Sydenham electorate have praised the late Jim Anderton, with one saying he was "one of the few politicians who were honest".

The long serving New Zealand politician and former Deputy Prime Minister Mr Anderton died overnight, aged 79. 

Locals living in Mr Anderton's former electorate of Sydenham are praising the "polite" and "genuine" man he was. 

"I think he was the most marvellous person you’ve ever come across," said one resident. 

"He was really great with people. He was magnificent." Another resident described him as "hard working".

The former Deputy Prime Minister will be remembered for many things, says Jacinda Ardern. Source: 1 NEWS

One person in the Sydenham electorate said he was "just a fantastic man".

Meanwhile, Winston Peters has also expressed his "deepest" condolences. 

Mr Peters said in a statement he wishes to "acknowledge the contribution Jim Anderton has made to the country and his remarkable service as a parliamentarian."

"Whatever you thought of his politics Jim stuck to his principles and what he believed in up to the end," he said.  

A statement was released on behalf of his wife, Carole Anderton, this morning. She said he passed away peacefully overnight at Cashmere View Hospital in Christchurch.

Mr Anderton spent 27 years as a MP, holding the Sydenham seat which later became Wigram.

One person in the Sydenham electorate said he was “just a fantastic man”. Source: 1 NEWS