More security cameras to be rolled out on Dunedin streets surrounding Otago University




The number of security cameras on public streets surrounding the University of Otago will increase significantly following a four-month consultation process between the campus and the Otago University Student Association. 

CCTV Camera.

Source: Breakfast

Over the consultation period, the university received 98 student submissions and the campus has decided to install cameras in public streets such as Castle, Dundas, Albany and Hyde.

There are already around 50 cameras on public streets around the university but 26 new cameras are to be installed. 

The number of CCTV's has been scaled back from 37, with the number of locations also reduced from 29 to 18. 

Of the 98 submissions made, 57 supported the cameras for security reasons while 34 were opposed due to privacy concerns. 

University chief operating officer Stephen Willis says they take security and the safety of students seriously. 

"The University takes its duty of care to students seriously and wants to do what it can to provide an environment where students are safe and can feel assured that offenders will be apprehended if something does go wrong, property is damaged or stolen," Mr Willis said. 

"The University will be constantly monitoring whether CCTV is being effective at doing that."

"The purpose of CCTV is not to monitor normal student behaviour and punish every minor infraction but to keep students safe by reducing crime against them and being able to catch offenders.

"If a student is burgled they'll be able to get in touch with Campus Watch so that the footage can be used to track down their property and the perpetrator."

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