Monster monstera houseplant sells for almost $5000 on Trade Me auction

The monstera deliciosa is a pretty common houseplant in New Zealand, but one particularly special one has just sold for almost $5000 on Trade Me last night.

The monstera deliciosa houseplant sold for $4930 after a heated bidding war. Source: jessixa / Trade Me

The monster variegated monstera is an impressive one-metre-tall from soil to top and still growing rapidly, Auckland-based seller jessixa wrote in an equally impressive "Lord of the Rings length" item description.

"After experimenting, I’m fairly certain I have cracked the code of encouraging greener growth," she says.

The plant is currently sprouting three nodes so there could be three new plants by winter, she says.

Despite starting at a $1 reserve, a fierce bidding war - dominated by users thunnus and new_birdlander - saw the plant finally sell for $4930.

In contrast, the Kings Plant Barn website lists a 200mm monstera for $59.99.

Auckland-based jessixa says she's happy to ship the plant but warns it will be expensive and at the buyer's risk.