Meet the woman behind the temporary Hawke's Bay garden bringing colour to the lives of thousands

In a part of Sunny Hawke's Bay that often gets a bad rap in relation to gang crime, another type of gang is working. 

One passionate woman is leading the charge, bringing colour to the lives of thousands through her garden.

Julie Russell has turned her backyard into a celebration of wild flowers and sculptures that has become so popular she decided to open it to the public.

"I'm not good at painting or art of anything, but to me, the challenge is to create the picture that I want each year," Julie said of her garden.

The former fruit grower has even managed to rope her kids into helping with the garden.

"To fill the garden with people, and fill it with art, just blows my mind still," daughter Lizzie told Seven Sharp.

The garden is also helping a good cause, with the small entry fee being donated to the local hospice.

The wildflower sculpture exhibition is open for just a few days, then when the flowers die in January it will all be mowed down.

That's when Julie's one and a half years of work starts again.

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    The area sometimes gets a bad rap for gang crime, but this passionate green thumb is leading a different kind of gang. Source: Seven Sharp