Massive waterspout filmed off Auckland's North Shore as locals watch on in awe

A large waterspout has formed off a beach on Auckland's North Shore today.

Stunning video of the weather phenomena were sent to 1 NEWS by Graeme Gilby.

In the video people can be heard exclaiming in awe of what they're seeing over the water.

Mr Gilby said the "amazing sight" formed off Takapuna Beach around 6:15pm.

"At first I thought it was a mighty big whale. It was wicked," Mr Gilby said.  "It was quite a way out to sea".

Charlotte de L'Isle was driving when she looked out the window and saw a waterspout starting to form just after 6pm.

"Two then came down and then a third one," she told 1 NEWS.

When Ms de L'Isle got home, she saw a fourth water spout which is when she grabbed her cell phone to record it.

"It was pretty dramatic, seeing so many," Ms de L'Isle said. "We do see them quite often here on the North Shore".

Photographer Jo Ottey also captured a dramatic image of the spout.

A Met Service Spokesperson told 1 NEWS they received several reports of water spouts forming south of Whangaparaoa, near Browns Bay around 6:30pm.

They say the water spouts are forming as a result of the unstable weather conditions across the North Island.