Massive new Invercargill mural believed to be largest in New Zealand

Stretching 33 metres in height, a new mural claiming to be the highest in New Zealand has today been unveiled in Invercargill.

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The piece stands at 33 metres high. Source: 1 NEWS

Artist Danny Owen, known as Deow, told 1 NEWS, "Hey, if you’ve done a bigger one, let us know - and props to you if you have".

Invercargill Licensing Trust President Alan Dennis said, "It's supposed to be one of the largest ones in NZ, if not the largest, so we'll claim it to be the largest until it's proved to be different".

The mural is of Mr Owen's best friend's daughter, Mia. Born in Invercargill, the two-year-old is of Filipino, Japanese and Kiwi descent.

"What it's symbolising is the new face of Invercargill, finally seeing new faces you know, like new cultures, new people - it's definitely a good thing," Mr Owen said.

The painting also encompasses elements of Southland weather, with wind, rain and sunshine giving the painting a dramatic feel.

Of course, the artwork wouldn't be complete without Mia wearing a pair of Southland's finest - Red Band gumboots.