Massey University encourages staff and students to attend climate change strike

Massey has joined Victoria University in encouraging staff and students to support and attend an upcoming climate change strike this month.

Source: 1 NEWS

On September 27, students around the country will take part in a third climate change strike for the year.

Thousands of students took part in strikes during March and May this year.

A global climate change strike is planned for September 20th.

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“These kids are fighting for their future,” Climate Change Minister James Shaw said. Source: Q+A

Earlier this week, Massey University Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas said despite any disruption caused, staff and students were welcome to participate in the strike.

"Staff will not lose pay and we will ensure arrangements are in place for students whether they participate in the strike activities or not, to suffer no disadvantage.

"Measures will be taken to ensure lectures are recorded or rescheduled and any course materials are made available," she said.

The decision was made after discussions with senior management who Ms Thomas said were of the view that climate change "is an issue of sufficient magnitude to warrant accommodating the wishes of those who wish to take part".