'It was a massacre' - Investigation launched to locate dogs which killed three Bay of Plenty alpacas

Warning: Distressing content

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Four other animals were also attacked with two so severely injured they're unable to stand. Source: 1 NEWS

Karen Rush loves her Alpacas, they’re all named, but on Wednesday night an attack by roaming dogs left three dead, one severely injured and others with bite wounds.

“It was a massacre, it was blood - it was just awful. I've never seen anything like it,” Rush said.

One of the alpaca mothers' head injury was so severe, vets worked for hours to stitch the wound together.

Rush says she’s in constant fear since the attack that the dogs will come back.

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council is investigating the attack.

“Whilst no dogs have currently been identified we have taken DNZ from the scene in the hope we can address this going forward,” Dan Barnes from the council said. 

Today, the injured alpacas were unable to move, one has at least eight puncture wounds, and required sutures to repair its head - which was partially scalped in the attack.

“It was touch and go whether he survived. I literally slept in the pen with him,” Karen Rush said.

SPCA is warning pet owners to be responsible.

“This is a key part of responsible pet ownership - making sure you know where your animal is at all times and you have them under control whether that’s on a leash, in a fenced yard or inside your home,” SPCA science officer Alison Vaughan said. 

Meanwhile Karen and her family are seeking answers and want those responsible to come forward.

“The owners of these dogs would know; they would have come back home bloodied. Do the right thing - turn them in,” Karen’s son Dylan said.

Tonight, a vet was back at the property as one of the alpacas was struggling to breathe, before it died.