Louis Theroux chats to John Campbell about his upcoming New Zealand show

Intrepid British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux has spoken about what inspires him to seek out some of humanity's oddities.

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Theroux will be touring New Zealand early in 2020. Source: Breakfast

Theroux is known for his work interviewing people like born again Christians, porn stars, survivalists, black nationalists, hypnotists, Indian gurus, gangsta rappers and many more groups on the fringes of society.

His unassuming and straight-forward manner seemingly has a disarming effect on many of his subjects, who most often willingly let him share completely in their lives.

Speaking this morning to John Campbell on TVNZ 1's Breakfast, Theroux said while many of his subjects are hateful on the outside, there's often a common element of wanting to connect on the inside.

Humans are, by their essence, imperfect and unique, he said, and referenced philosopher Kant, who said that "from such crooked wood as that which man is made of, nothing straight can be made".

Lous Theroux will perform his "Without Limits" show in Auckland next year at the Civic Theatre on January 10.

Watch the full interview above.