'Look after each other' - Auckland woman battling coronavirus speaks as country prepares for lockdown

Despite the Government’s announcement for most New Zealanders to enter self-isolation, for most of us, coronavirus is still a shadowy threat.

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Jenene Crossan has now left the hospital and is recovering at home. Source: Seven Sharp

Jenene Crossan, who has been battling the illness since last week, knows the illness is more than just the flu.

Eleven days ago, the Auckland entrepreneur was in Europe but quickly retreated home to life in a quarantined campervan, where she began to show signs of Covid-19.

Ms Crossan was eventually hospitalised at North Shore Hospital’s isolation ward, but has since returned to her campervan as her health continues to improve.

“I feel for everyone because I know that the Healthline is just absolutely chockers, and I struggled," she told Seven Sharp.

“I couldn’t get through to Healthline. I ended up going through my GP to get diagnosed."

She told Kiwis to continue to persevere, and to make calls late at night if possible to get through to the service.     

"If you are at that point where you’re really struggling to breathe, call 111 - don’t be afraid to do so and they’ll help you through.”

Ms Crossan said the hardest thing for many people navigating the pandemic is "anxiety".

She added that she “totally” started feeling anxious after seeing signs of the respiratory illness.

“When I first got ahold of Healthline, they told me I just have jetlag and anxiety, so I did manage to get some anti-anxiety tablets from my GP, which certainly helped, and if that’s what you think you need to get through, then that’s what you have to do.”

Ms Crossan said her advice to New Zealanders entering lockdown is to "look after each other" - but from a safe distance.

“It’s really important that kindness is the first thing we do," she said.

"I can proudly say that in spite of the sheer volume of social messaging I’ve done on all of this, I’ve only had two trolls, so that’s an improvement on New Zealand, isn’t it?"

“Well done, New Zealand, for your kindness … Look out for your neighbours, send people messages. I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness of complete strangers and this is the time for that, so do more and more of that.

"Let’s show our true Kiwi spirits."