Kiwi man who took 'support' clown to his redundancy meeting finds fame on UK morning TV

If he could make light of losing his job, it comes as no surprise Josh Thompson was able to send UK's This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield into fits of laughter.

When Josh got an email that looked to be like he was losing his job, he used the opportunity to bring a clown as his "support person".

Since the news hit headlines around the world, Josh and his new pal Joe-the-clown also scored themselves a slot on the British television show.

Josh told the hosts he "didn't get the best vibe" from his former work's email. "It was a pretty serious tone, I thought best prepare for the worst."

But when asked why he opted for a clown, he used the opportunity to have another laugh.

"I thought the news was going to be quite bad, and I thought if it's going to be bad news, I best get a professional in.

"Obviously family and friends are the usual support people but to be honest my mum can't even juggle; so I thought best to get in Joe to make a few balloon animals and keep my spirits high."

He forked out $200 for the clown, so told the hosts his employers were lucky they got the free show - despite complaints Joe's balloon-animal-making was too loud during the meeting.

"I think they were a little bit taken aback," Josh said. "Smiles all around, you know, I think everyone was impressed by Joe - he is very good at what he does."

Good news for Josh, though. He said he had secured himself a new job since the dismissal.