Judith Collins says it's 'onward and upwards' for National after devastating election loss

A significantly smaller pool of National MPs emerged today from the party's first caucus meeting after election 2020 slashed its electorate seats and party vote - but leader Judith Collins is confident it's "onward and upwards". 

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The National leader has emerged from her party’s first caucus meeting after the weekend’s election loss. Source: 1 NEWS

"We are determined to be the best Opposition ever," Collins said, shortly after farewelling MPs, both those intending to leave and those booted from Parliament based on the preliminary results. 

"We may not have quite the size we had in the past... Everybody is going to be getting portfolios and opportunities to show what they can do," Collins said. 

The party is launching a review into the last term of Opposition and also into the campaign. 

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The National Party leader may gave not looked her gritty and gutsy self, but she said she still has the fight in her. Source: 1 NEWS

Collins said the intention is to "reconnect, listen and think about the way forward", and that it will not be "a once-over lightly". 

Former leader Simon Bridges was asked if under his leadership he thought the party could have done better. 

He said that was a "silly question" and put his support behind Collins.