Judith Collins calls for clarity around 'mind-boggling' Covid-19 border exemptions

The Government needs to come up with and release clear guidelines for border exemptions to help kickstart the economy again, National economic development spokesperson Judith Collins says.

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The National economic development spokesperson says the Government needs to be transparent and come up with criteria. Source: Breakfast

Currently Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford signs off on individual exemptions, with 201 granted so far - including staff working on the new Avatar films.

However while Ms Collins supports the exemptions made so far, she says better procedures need to be put in place.

"We need to know what the criteria are so we know we can expect people to come through," she told Breakfast this morning.

"What we've been told is, to put it in a nutshell, that it's case-by-case - whatever that means. 

"It means what, you know somebody? You don't know somebody? It's something the Government thinks is important?"

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She says it's going to be "very important for economic development" to start reopening the border for businesses to function.

The America's Cup is due to take place in March next year, potentially contributing $1 billion to the economy and creating 8000 jobs.

But the sailing teams don't yet know if they can come in early and get the ball rolling, Ms Collins says.

"[Mr Twyford] said he doesn't even have the America's Cup applications on his desk. It's just mind-boggling difficult to get through this," she says.

"We need to make sure that [people wanting to enter the country] have very clear guidelines that they can meet, rather than an ad-hoc basis."

A search by 1 NEWS couldn't find anywhere publicly available laying out the exemption requirements.

Ms Collins says these are tough times and they're going to get tougher as the Government's wage subsidy drops off.

Those who have been granted exemptions to enter the country are still required to isolate for 14 days in a Government-managed facility.

Mr Twyford has declined two requests from Breakfast to be interviewed.