Jinx the pony, the SPCA's longest-staying guest, finally finds a 'forever home'

A pony that had the title of the longest-stay SPCA animal in the country is now thriving in her new adoptive home.

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After four years in SPCA care, Jinx now lives with new owner Nicola Carvey. Source: 1 NEWS

Jinx had spent over four years in foster care after being rescued by the SPCA from her previous home due to neglect.

SPCA manager Jessie Gilchrist says they don’t know why it took so long for Jinx to find a new home.

“Our team did everything they could to help her find a family. It’s unusual for an animal to have to wait that long.”

The 11-year-old mare’s run in foster care came to an end in October when a Wellington woman came across an article on her plight while scrolling through Facebook.

Captivated by the pony and her story, Nicola Carvey watched the video of Jinx’s ordeal four times before deciding to get in contact with the SPCA about adopting her.

To her disappointment, Nicola was told the pony had already found a permanent home.

“I was a bit gutted,” she told 1 NEWS.

But it wasn't long after that Nicola received and email from the SPCA saying that due to unforeseen circumstances Jinx needed a home again.

Nicola drove straight to meet Jinx at her foster carer’s home and was immediately taken with the pony.

“It was love at first sight on both accounts,” Nicola says.

On learning about Jinx’s past and that she was neglected and abused by her previous owner, Nicola says she felt angry and sad and knew she needed to look after Jinx.

“I thought, ‘She’s the one I want and it’s her or nothing’.”

A month after the adoption papers were signed and she was moved to Wellington, Jinx is now happy and relaxed in her new home, although at times she’s still a little jumpy.

“She’s been doing really well. She neighs when she sees me.

“She is very loving and likes kisses – she loves attention. She has a lot of love to give.”

Despite their young relationship, Nicola says she’s already learned a lot from Jinx about looking after a horse that has been abused.

“It’s taught me that although she’s been fairly mistreated that even the ones that can be severely mistreated can be brought back into a more civilised situation where they can experience normal life in a normal environment.”

Nicola believes “fate” brought them together.

“I’ve got Jinx for the long haul. This is her forever home.”