Jeremy Wells and Mark Sainsbury team up to get their prostates checked

Around 600 New Zealand men die each year from prostate cancer despite the disease being highly treatable if it's caught early.

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Each year 600 New Zealand men die from prostate cancer, but the disease is treatable if detected early. Source: Seven Sharp

One effective way for it to be caught early is through a test, so when broadcasting legend Mark Sainbury invited up-and-coming broadcasting legend Jeremy Wells on a date to get one, how could he say no.

After 25 years working in emergency medicine, Dr Tom Mulholland decided to become the ambulance at the top of the cliff by turning his retro Chevrolet into a popup medical clinic.

He’s been travelling around the country in his truck, helping to spread the gospel of prevention when it comes to prostate cancer.

He says often when it comes to men, the are scared about getting a wellness check, opting to come in a group for support.

“On big field days or something like the Wanaka show they come in a pack. Do you want your blood pressure checked? Nah. But once one does the others follow like sheep.”

Sainsbury and Wells both received the all clear after their check up.