Jami-Lee Ross saga makes headlines overseas

Overseas media outlets have picked up the story of the Jami-Lee Ross allegations, with some focusing more on Simon Bridge's unkind words than the allegations themselves.

The political intrigue has dominated New Zealand news outlets since the beginning of the week, and reports written by the Associated Press and Australian Associated Press have been syndicated around the world.

Among the more far-flung places to pick up the articles was the Beloit Daily News - a newspaper serving a city of about 35,000 people in southern Wisconsin.

They headlined their Associated Press article "New Zealand political leader taped speaking inappropriately", as did the Charlotte Observer, which circulates in North and South Carolina.

Two of the larger US outlets to run the AP story were the Washington Post and The New York Post.

The Washington Post titled their article "New Zealand lawmaker accuses opposition leader of corruption", while the New York Post went for "New Zealand politician taped calling his lawmaker f- -king useless".

Across the ditch, both The Australian and carried an Australian Associated Press article, headlining them "Secret tape causes chaos for NZ opposition" and "NZ MP attacks leader, then resigns", respectively.

The Daily Mail Australia also carried the AP wire story and focused on Simon Bridges' comments with the headline "New Zealand opposition leader left red-faced as audio tape emerges".

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Families are usually off limits for political attacks. Source: 1 NEWS

In the UK, the Guardian covered the story with a piece by Dunedin-based reporter Eleanor Ainge-Roy, headlining it "NZ opposition leader accused of concealing $100,000 political donation" and opening with "The tenure of New Zealand's opposition leader, Simon Bridges, appears to be hanging by a thread after he was accused by a fellow MP and former chief whip of concealing electoral donations and fabricating sexual harassment allegations".

Since that report was written, two women have anonymously said they had affairs with Mr Ross and suffered emotional abuse from him, while two others accused him of intimidating, abusing and bullying them.

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Melanie Reid says it was a tipping point for the women when Ross said he was brought up to respect women. Source: Breakfast

The Irish Independent also picked up Associated Press story, focusing in on Mr Bridge's taped comments with the headline "Calls for New Zealand leader to resign after he was secretly recorded calling his own MP f*****g useless".

Mr Bridges has since said he has apologised to MP Maureen Pugh, who he called "f*****g useless", and she has accepted that apology.

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1 NEWS political reporter Benedict Collins has the fallout. Source: 1 NEWS

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