'It's just incredible' - Woman weeps with joy as she ears for first time with second cochlear implant thanks to fundraising mates

A woman wept with joy on Seven Sharp as she heard sounds and speech for the first time with a second cochlear implant gained with funds raised by her running group friends.

Josie Calcott was found to be profoundly deaf at the age of two, and had a cochlear implant in her right ear a few years ago.

But adults only get one implant through the public health system and Ms Calcott couldn't afford another for her left ear.

Which is where her running friends stepped in and set about raising the $40,000 needed themselves from events such as races nights and quiz nights.

"Unfortunately the government only gives one ear. We thought if you lost two legs you'd be given two legs so why not two ears? She deserves another one. And she's just such lovely person, so loving and caring," said one of Ms Calcott's running friends.

Ms Calcott, a nurse, became patient as the second implant was inserted, and she cried as she heard with it for the first time, surrounded by family.

"It's just incredible."

Meeting up with her fundraising friends, she said: "You guys have got me here, and thank you. It's because of you. It's amazing. You all jumped on board. It's awesome! It's awesome!"

Adults only get one implant funded, but thanks to her friends, Josie now has a second. Source: Seven Sharp