Innovative driving tool developed by Otara couple aimed at getting Maori and Pasifika drivers licenced

A South Auckland couple are hoping to make a difference for Maori and Pasifika with their ground-breaking driving licence app.

Let's Get Legal, created by Terry and Swanie Nelson in their Otara home, has helped over 100 people get their driver licence. Source: 1 NEWS

Nearly 20,000 people failed their restricted licence in Auckland last year, and youth workers, Swanie and Terry Nelson are hoping to change that.

Unseen dangers are common on the road, including unlicenced drivers who take to the wheel.

"I do know a lot of people who drive without a licence most of them being my friends and family," said licence holder, Terangi Parima.

She got her full licence after trialling innovative driving tools called Let's Get Legal, developed by the Nelson’s in their Otara home.

"This room used to have post it notes all over the place, you know an idea would come to mind and we would be 'right oh my gosh, we have to do this,' write it down, rip it out and that was the process," said Ms Nelson.

First, they came up with a formula for a two hour learner’s license workshop, no study required.

"At the moment we've got a 98 per cent pass rate, that's over a hundred people," said Mr Nelson.

The couple also developed a phone app to help Maori and Pasifika pass their restricted.

"To improve their employment opportunities, help them build confidence and help them gain their independence," said Ms Nelson.

The app can also be helpful by providing a reality check for experienced and over-confident drivers.

The couple are searching for sponsorship after being invited to take their app to the Next Gen Entrepreneur Summit in New York next month.

"You don't get opportunities like this every day, to come from Otara and sit around some of the world's leading IT companies and learn and bring that back and implement that in your community," Ms Nelson said.

"We are just trying to be good role models for our young people, you can do bigger things than you think," said Mr Nelson.

For the close knit family, representing their community and keeping it safe is a priority.